Top 5 Ways to Get the Most Out of Your OML Membership

November 30, 2018

Your Ontario Mechanical League membership has the potential to get you ahead in your industry and can save you actual dollars. While many members understand the value the OML brings them, it’s easy to forget the extent of what we offer. Here are the top five ways to get the most out of your OML membership.


Come Out to Events

Throughout the year there are a range of events hosted by the OML to take advantage of. Chapter meetings provide time and space to talk through issues facing the construction industry and find out what is working for other contractors in your area. Meeting with like-minded owners and operators will help you gain relevant market information that can impact not only your company but the future of your trade.


Network with Your Peers

Making connections with respected professionals in your industry is a great way to build your business, improve communication skills, share helpful mechanical trade info, and is an easy way to find job opportunities available around you.


Stay Informed on Industry News

At the Ontario Mechanical League, it is part of our mission to keep our members well informed of the happenings in our range of industries. Get updates on contractor, industry, and government relation issues, OML activities, and exciting member news with our quarterly Dialogue publication – distributed to members and partners. You can even use our website to market to your customers or share your company’s accomplishments, milestones and special events under Members’ News.


Gain Leadership Experience

Make the most of volunteer opportunities as they arise to gain leadership experience, helping you to get ahead in your career. The same goes for meetings and events. Don’t just be an observer, have your voice heard! Give your opinion on issues that matter to you, and offer advice to other members in your area.


Get Free Stuff and Amazing Discounts

Here is where you can see actual cash savings through your OML membership! Our wide range of discounts are designed to help your business thrive. From affordable online training and free 15 minute monthly telephone legal consultations to discounts from a variety of places that matter to you such as Marks Work Wearhouse, Mr. Safety Shoes, benefit and insurance programs, fleet discounts and amazing gas savings…You can’t afford not to be an OML member!


Joining the Ontario Mechanical League today gives you instant access to thousands of dollars in potential savings per year. Make the most of your new OML membership…you won’t regret it!


Join OML now!